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"Our website offers a variety of online content designed to carry out the vision of activating and reactivating women for global impact. My heart's desire is that YOU would become a woman who changes her world for Jesus Christ. God has a unique plan just for you and we want to do all we can to help you find it, develop it, and embrace it. You can become all who God has created you to be . . . a Mother of Nations! I invite you to partner with me and join women from around the world as we step into and fulfill our callings and destinies to impact the nations for Jesus Christ."

Your Friend and a Mother of Nations,
Dr. Sharon Predovich


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Visiting India many years ago, Dr. Sharon Predovich noticed that national ministers addressed her as “Mom.” This also proved true in Africa and other parts of Asia, and happened so often that it caught her attention. The term “Mom” sounded so personal and endearing when bestowed on a mere visitor to these nations. Searching the scriptures, Dr. Sharon found her answer in Genesis 17:16.

Meet Other Mothers of Nations

"Ordinary or extraordinary? Which type of lifestyle are YOU living? Before answering, what do you think God wants for you and those that you influence? The answer is found throughout the Scriptures. His desire is that we experience extraordinary lives of impact, fruitfulness, and influence, not only for our own fulfillment, but even more importantly, to make a lasting difference in the lives of others. I challenge you today to choose “extraordinary” and step out in faith to “turn the world (around you) upside down” for the glory of God and His Kingdom!"

Nola Beintema

"I have been forever transformed! My perspective, outlook, and understanding of basic life needs and standards of living drastically changed through my experiences on a short-term international mission outreach. I stepped off the mission field several years ago realizing that our American standards of life and our access to material things truly are not the necessities for a fulfilled life. Rather, having Jesus, the Light of the World, living in us is all we require for contentment, joy, and success. Jesus faithfully equips, anoints, and enables ALL of us who love Him to fulfill our callings and purposes on earth, wherever we live and serve Him."

Stephanie Roberts

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Mothers of Nations Blog Posts

Words of encouragement and inspiration for Mothers of Nations everywhere!


Pastors David and Aimee Kyambadde, Kampala, Uganda

Since 2000 Pastors David and Aimee Kyambadde have been sharing their lives fulltime ministering in Uganda and the USA.  In Uganda they serve as founding pastors of a continuously growing, evangelistic, and youthful congregation that uses unique, creative methods to reach often overlooked groups like entertainers, musicians, athletes, artists, and others.  

Philippines Good News International (PGNI)

Philippines Good News International was founded in August 1980 in Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines.  The mission and vision of PGNI has been based on two Scriptures. "Come and Learn" from Matthew 11:28-29 and "Go and Preach" from Mark 16:15.  Due to steadfast commitment to their vision, PGNI now oversees twenty-five churches in the Philippines and two outreach ministries in Thailand and Kuwait.  Currently over 5,000 lives are regularly being impacted through the ministries of Philippines Good News International.

Pakistan Outreach

Through a very unique set of circumstances Dr. Sharon met some Pakistani refugees seeking asylum in Thailand. A "heart connection" birthed a desire to support their ministry endeavors after they were required to return to their homeland.  Silas and Sonia are ministering the Gospel in a very grassroots format and we are blessed to be a part of that!

Pastors Lanka and Joyce (Bhushi) Karunakar Dass, Vijayawada, India

Many years ago we met this couple as they were just starting out in ministry.  It was a divine connection and we have watched the Lord move and multiply His impact in India and other Middle Eastern countries through this continually growing, now multi-faceted ministry.  A. E. Mission, St. Paul's English Medium School, and radio / television outreach are only a few of the projects Lanka and Joyce oversee.  They conduct medical camps, run children's homes, minister to the poor and widows, and mentor hundreds of pastors.


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